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PCCA is conveniently located in the center of Arkansas.

Visiting your child at PCCA

Who can visit?

All visitors are allowed unless a parent or guardian restricts someone from visiting. 

Please do not visit if you or someone in your family is ill. The children at PCCA are extremely susceptible to illness and we need to protect their health.

Where will we visit?

You are invited to enter our classrooms and bedrooms as your child moves through their day. If you would like private time as a family, PCCA has a Family Room for your comfort.

  • Please do not enter the kitchen area, nurses’ station, or bathing areas when other children are receiving individual care. 
  • When transferring your child, please ask for assistance so that we can provide the proper equipment for safety.
  • If your child is asleep or ill, please conduct your visit accordingly. 

What about my other children? 

We welcome your children here! When they visit with you, please stay in the Family Room so that:

  • They won’t be in the halls or rooms unattended. 
  • The risk of spreading illness is minimized.

Can we bring or send gifts?

Please do not send flowers or balloons to your loved one. 

  • Flowers cause severe respiratory problems for some of our children. 
  • Balloons are not allowed due to the risk of children chewing on them. 

We are always happy to shop for your child for birthdays or special occasions. Please call our social worker with your requests. 

Questions / Concerns

If you have questions or concerns about the status of your child, please ask to see/speak to the Charge Nurse or the Supervisor on duty. They will be able to address your concerns or direct you to the appropriate staff person.